Outstanding OFSTED results for Asquith children's nurseries

At Asquith children's nurseries and pre-schools, we are rightly proud of our OFSTED and Care Commission results.

We deliver the best childcare and educational support to the under 5s by ensuring that all our nursery and pre-school staff have in-depth knowledge and understanding gained through continuing professional development in education and higher-level qualification training.

Already this commitment is having a positive impact on OFSTED, Care Commission and CSSIW results, with increasing numbers of our nurseries obtaining either 'Outstanding' or 'Excellent' outcomes.

The following nurseries have been awarded the highest possible accolade from their recent inspections, the full reports for which can be found by clicking on the name of the nursery. 

Basildon Day Nursery     Peckham Rye Day Nursery
Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre      Port Solent Pre-School & Day Nursery 
Bolton Pre-School & Day Nursery     Prestbury Pre-School & Day Nursery 

Bristol Day Nursery & Pre-School

    Putney Pre-School & Day Nursery
Bromley Pre-School & Day Nursery      Reigate Pre-School & Day Nursery
Chigwell Day Nursery & Pre-School     Richmond Day Nursery 
Enfield Day Nursery 

Ridgeway Pre-School & Day Nursery

Epsom Day Nursery      Royal Earlswood Pre-School & Day Nursery 
Harpenden Pre-School & Nursery 
    Slough Day Nursery
Hickory House Pre-School & Day Nursery    

Southampton Day Nursery

Hounslow Day Nursery & Pre-School      Springfields Pre-School & Day Nursery 
Kew Day Nursery & Pre-School     West Hampstead Day Nursery & Pre-School
Maidstone Day Nursery & Pre-School     Wilmington Day Nursery & Pre-School 
Milford Pre-School & Day Nursery      Windmill Day Nursery & Pre-School 
Moortown Pre-School & Day Nursery
    Windsor Day Nursery & Pre-School 
New Eltham Day Nursery
    Woodlands Pre-School