Significant Investment in our children's nurseries

Here at Asquith, we know how important it is to give children the very best opportunities there are, which is why we continually invest in all our nurseries and in your child's future too! We invest over £3 million per year in our nursery settings.

Every nursery has state-of-the-art ICT facilities such as interactive SMART Boards and touch-screen computers, which are perfect for discovering science and developing numeracy, literacy, social and communication skills.

We're even trialling iPads, interactive drawing tables and tough Pentax cameras at a number of our nurseries.

'Well Mum, today I used a brand new iPad at my nursery'

It's not just about investing in buildings and gadgets though, we are passionate about providing children with the very best outdoor educational experience too, and over the past year, we have undertaken a huge project to install fantastic adventure gardens at some of our nurseries.

These gardens are tailor made to suit each individual nursery and utilise all kinds of natural materials, providing children with an excellent platform for early years education and discovery.

 Investing in the Asquith Nurseries with new gardens, technology and new kitchens