Outdoor learning adventures at Asquith

At Asquith, we invest over £3m per year in our nurseries, providing the children with fantastic environments in which to play and learn, safely.

Our gardens are tailor made to suit each individual nursery and utilise all kinds of natural materials, providing children with an excellent platform for early years education and discovery.

There are many things children can learn from being in the great outdoors, and our aim is to give them an experience that they wouldn't be able to get anywhere else!


photo of the baby garden with a tipi and up and over tunnel

Baby Garden

Babies are exposed to a whole new world of sensory experiences in the outdoors - smells, sights, sounds, testures - all vital for a young brain to develop and make sense of the world around them.

photo of the tipi


Extending children's understanding of the large world and different cultures, the tipi can also provide an 'indoor outdoor' learning space, where activities can take part under cover in all weathers.



Climbing Framephoto of the large wooden climbing frame and slide

Our large play equipment enables children to build physical strength and develop gross motor skills, as well as balance and co-ordination.



photos of the wooden hobbit house

Hobbit House

Our hobbit house creates an imaginary world for children to support their creative, communication and language development; as well as their social skills, as they engage in story making and inclusive play.



Photo of the race track and wobbly road with a tyre in the middle for climbing on

Race track and tyres

Obstacles to ride and run through, climb up and over, helping spatial awareness, as well as body control.

Wobbly Road

A physical challenge that also requires co-ordination, control and spatial awareness.


photo of the mud kitchen equipped with bowls, spoons and saucepans

Sand Pit

Sand supports mathematical concepts through tipping, filling, measuring, constructing and building.

Mud Kitchen

Our mud kitchens are fun yet educational allowing the children to role play and experiment, promoting wellbeing, learning and development. 


photo of the covered stage area

Stage Area

An outdoor stage area supports children's creative, communication, language development and imaginary play. Making up stories, acting out familiar tales, singing, dancing, putting on a show for peers and adults...the possibilities are as broad as a child's imagination. 


photo on the seating area around the trees

Reading Areas and Reading Dens

The outdoors creates a completely different environment to explore stories and literacy. Stories such as 'We're Going On a Bear Hunt' and 'Handa's Suprise' can be brought to life and acted out so children can immerse themselves in imaginary play.


photo of the water feature with working pump and handle for the children to pump the water themselves

Water Feature

The sound of water is known to be soothing and calming - the water feature can enhance sensory areas within the garden. If the children can pump the water, it helps them to problem solve, collaborate and negotiate with their peers whilst exercising their muscles.


Soft Pour Surfacing

Where required we use safe impact absorbing soft pour surfaces. Our in-house team install to ROSPA and SAPCA standards - ensuring consistancy of quality and installation. All of our materials are UV stable and come from sustainable sources.


photo of the mirrors in the garden


Mirrors in the outdoor area can support children's understanding of the world and themselves - observing what happens when the wind blows, watching the reflection of the sun, creating prisms with rain drops all helps early science concepts.


Photo of the planting area with flowers growing

Planting and Growing Areas

Planting areas help children learn about nature and how things grow. Tending and cultivating vegetables and herbs supports children's understanding about healthy eating and where food comes from.


ROSPA - The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

We invest in our people by providing our design and installation teams with ongoing training to ROSPA standards and accreditation ensuring our constructions comply with ROSPA's guidelines.

Erin Bynum

Eric has been with Asquith for 4 years and designs and constructs all of our outdoor resources. Every piece of equipment is handmade by Eric from sustainably resourced pine timber from Russia and Scandinavia. His extensive knowledge of ROSPA and 25 years construction experience ensures we always provide our nurseries with safe and top quality equipment, consistently.

All timber used in our gardens is sourced from a renewable source to FSC/PESC certification standards.

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