Asquith thrilled to receive eight Ofsted Outstanding ratings in 2016.

A look back on an OUTSTANDING year

Hickory House Outstanding Nursery - Another Outstanding Asquith Nursery

We are thrilled that in 2016 we had a fantastic year with Ofsted, receiving eight Outstanding Ofsted ratings with four in the past two months alone!

It is a tremendous accolade for the nursery manager’s and their teams and wonderful recognition for their hard work and dedication. They create the very best environments for our children to ensure they develop the social, emotional, physical and practical skills they need to flourish and to lay foundations for a successful future.

Asquith is now proud to have 31 ‘Outstanding’ rated nurseries, which is 33% of Asquith’s nurseries, one of the highest proportions in England.

Our OUTSTANDING eight of 2016 are;

Royal Earlswood
and Hickory House, who deserve a special mention for receiving their FOURTH CONSECUTIVE ‘Outstanding’ this year!

For more information on any of our ‘Outstanding’ nurseries visit

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