Top Tips on Travelling with Children

Travelling with children doesn’t have to be difficult. You can make your journey enjoyable and educational with some handy tips:

 Try to discourage your children from using handheld devices or reading in the car as it’s likely to cause travel sickness. Instead find games that involve looking out of the window, such as “I spy” or counting things like cars or people. This will help to develop your child’s knowledge and understanding of the world. 

 Speak to your child’s key person before you go. Find out what they’ve been doing at the nursery. Continue this on their holiday to keep them engaged and interested in learning. 

 Encourage your child to keep a diary of their holidays. Give them a camera (age dependant), buy postcards and get them to write a memory of their holiday on it. They could keep a scrapbook of ticket stubs, mini maps and photos. Not only is it a nice keepsake but it also can develop their creative skills. 

 Start talking about where you are going before you go so you can get them excited. Talk about the location and point it out on a map or globe, talk about the animals they may see, and discuss the place’s history. If the food will be radically different to their normal diet try making some dishes at home before you go. Our Meals in minutes recipe book is packed full of recipes including Mediterranean, Moroccan, Italian and Mexican dishes, designed to make family meal time stress free. Download a copy here


We hope you have a fun filled summer, travel safe!


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