Boogie Mites - dancing and singing

Boogie Mites is a welcome new addition to our range of extra curricular activities, giving your child a boost to their educational and social development as well as being fun....and noisy!

Boogie Mites sessions have been proven by studies to improve the cognitive development of children under four and improve future ability in language and mathematics. You can find out more about the benefits of music and movement from the Boogie Mites Blog here.  

By joining a Boogie Mites session, your child will be taking part in a range of activities such as singing songs, making sounds with a range of instruments, listening to stimulating music, dancing and much more…

For more information about availability of our music and movement sessions, please download our free parent e-book here.

The following videos have been provided by Boogie Mites to give parents more information about what to expect from music and movement sessions. Please click on the triangle buttons to play the videos from your browser.