Access to your children's nursery in bad weather

The winter weather brings an added risk of slips and falls for children in our day nurseries and pre-schools on icy ground.

we work hard to minimise this risk by:

  • Making sure each nursery has its own stock of salt and grit.
  • Providing additional bulk supplies at different points throughout the country, so extra resources can be delivered quickly to the nurseries should they need them.
  • Encouraging all parents and visitors to be extremely cautious because, although main access routes will be treated, some areas may still be slippery.
  • Treating large areas such as car parks, or concentrating on main areas if the whole car park cannot be covered.
  • Providing gritting machines for some nurseries with large parking areas so that supplies can be used more effectively.

Please note: David Lloyd Leisure are responsible for their sites and do not treat parking areas. We have provided salt and grit to nurseries with their own separate pedestrian entrance so they can keep it clear.

Remember: even if a path appears to have been cleared and treated, it may still be slippery. Please be extra careful! As long as we have made a reasonable attempt to keep our pathways  clear, the company cannot be held liable for any injuries sustained on our premises.

fun in the Snow at nursery and at home

Snow is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn more about the natural world - and have a whale of a time playing and making snowmen. If the white stuff does fall, we will make sure we make the most of it. Please remember to dress your child in suitable clothing with a warm hat, gloves and scarf.

remember when walking in snow:

  • Wear shoes with a good grip and warm socks
  • Take small steps
  • Avoid uneven surfaces, kerbs and icy patches
  • Test suspect areas before walking on them
  • If you do fall, try to lean backwards and roll into it
  • Avoid carrying heavy loads or objects
  • Wear bright, visible clothing
  • If you have to walk in a road, go against the flow of traffic and watch out for oncoming vehicles that may slide or take longer to stop.

essentials for your car this winter:

When bitter weather is on the way, don't leave home without:

  • A phone and car-compatible phone charger
  • Spade
  • Wind-up torch
  • Spare warm clothes
  • A blanket
  • Spare nappies if needed
  • Toys and books to keep youngsters occupied
  • Drinks and snacks for children and adults alike
  • Maps/Sat Nav
  • High-visibility clothing and warning triangle
  • First aid kit
  • De-icer/anti-freeze and washer fluid

check for the latest weather news before you travel at: