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Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre in Glasgow is a well-established Bishopsbriggs children's day nursery that has been at the heart of our community for the past 31 years providing a much needed service for working families.

The Centre was graded ‘Excellent’ in all areas of ‘Quality of Care & Support, Quality of Environment’, Quality of Staffing’ and ‘Quality of Management and Leadership’ at our last Care Inspectorate inspection in February 2016.

At our day nursery in Bishopbriggs we cater for children from 3 months to 5 years and have 5 separate playrooms which consist of a Baby Room, Toddler Room, Two’s Room, Three’s Room and Four’s Room. We cater for the needs of each and every child in our care in a caring and welcoming environment.

We operate a keyworker system and keyworkers are responsible for recording their children’s progress through observations, assessment and planning for their children’s next steps in learning using Pre-Birth to 3 guidance for our youngest children and Curriculum for Excellence for our 3-5 year olds. Staff consult with children daily to ensure they make choices and decisions about their own learning experiences.

Our extensive all-weather garden provides different areas that can be utilised for each child’s age and stage of development. There are areas for younger children to explore and be curious and well as areas for imaginative experiences and physical challenges for our older children.

Our staff are passionate about children’s development, and are dedicated to supporting the children and families that use our service. They are a highly effective team who have a wealth of knowledge and skills. They work hard to provide a fun learning environment for each individual child in their care. Children can also take part in a variety of extra-curricular activities such as Music and Movement classes, Drama and Sports sessions.

At our Bishopbriggs children’s day nursery we value parents as partners in their children’s learning, and foster good relationships with all parents through our many home-link activities. We have our ‘Koala Chef’ and ‘Shark Chef’ initiative which encourage parents and children to cook healthy meals and snacks together at home.

We also have ‘Camera Cat’ and ‘Travelling Ted’ that go on lots of exciting adventures with the children and their families and these voyages are shared at nursery news-time which the children relish. Parents also take part in Parents’ Evenings, Charity Events and social events such as our Graduation Day, Christmas Show and Summer Fayre.

Our day nursery in Bishopbriggs is within the catchment of many local primary schools including – Woodhill, St. Helens, Wester Cleddens, St. Matthew’s, Balmuildy and Meadowburn Primary and Gaelic Unit.

We will be delighted to welcome you to Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre. Our friendly, experienced and highly qualified staff team are on hand to conduct a personal nursery tour at a time to suit you. To book a tour, please call 0141 762 0080. Our opening hours are 7.45am – 6.00pm.

How to find Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre in Glasgow

Our Bishopbriggs children's day nursery is just a 5 minute walk from all the main bus routes into Glasgow City Centre (on Kirkintilloch Road) and a 10 minute walk to Bishopbriggs Train Station which is only 1 stop into Glasgow Queen Street Station in the City Centre and takes (7 minutes). We are also within walking distance to all primary schools in Bishopbriggs.
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Information about Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre

Special Offers at Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre

The Baby & Toddler Suite at Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre

In the baby & toddler suite in our Bishopbriggs children's day nursery we use Pre-birth to 3 guidance to plan for the progression of our youngest children from babies-2 years. (3 months to approximately 16 months). Our Baby Suite comprises of a Breakfast/Lunch/Snack room which also doubles as a Messy Playroom for the babies to have lots of fun using all of their senses to be creative and imaginative.

Our main playroom is a lovely bright room which has a soft and homely atmosphere, this helps create a nurturing environment for our youngest children to ensure they feel safe and secure in cosy surroundings.

There are also lots of areas for babies  to explore, investigate and be curious including a book area, sensory area, musical and floor play resources and natural materials. The room also benefits from free-flow play between the room and a covered decking area where they can play in the fresh air.

Children in our toddler room are typically 16 months old to approximately 2yrs. Our Toddler Room is another big, bright, open room which given the toddlers scope to move freely around the room.

The room benefits from a book area with storyboard and puppets to support children’s language development.  The snack/lunch area is also used as a messy play area for children to explore gloop/playdough/paint etc.

There is also a black, white and red sensory area and lots of floor space to learn, develop and aid their physical development. 

The 2's Room at Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre

Our Two’s Room caters for children age 2yrs – 3yrs. This is another large bright space in which staff encourage and promote children’s independence at this stage.

Children have a ‘Children’s Choice’ board for them to choose activities to do in the playroom which is to encourage the children to self-select.

They have a book area to support their language development. They enjoy getting messy and love to paint and be creative. They also have a sand and water play area for them to explore filling/emptying and early science activities.

We are lucky enough to have a black, white and red sensory area at our day nursery in Bishopbriggs which the children really enjoy. Children in this room like to use their imaginative skills in the home corner which supports their Health & Wellbeing.

This is also the stage of development when staff work in partnership with parents to toilet train children. 

The 3's Room at Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre

Our Three’s Room caters for children age 3-4 years. Staff use the 'Curriculum for Excellence Early Level' when planning experiences and outcomes for our children.

Our Threes Room is a split playroom which comprises of a large main playroom with book area for children to self-select a story of their choice, home corner to support children’s imaginative skills and support their health & wellbeing. It also has a literacy area to provide children with resources to develop early writing skills and lots of games to stimulate their language development.

They have a Maths area to foster skills in numeracy, colour, shape and measuring etc. and have a whole separate Messy Playroom to develop their creativity. They use this for drawing, painting, printing and junk modelling. Also in this room they have sand/water play. 

The 4's Room at Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre

This room at our Bishopsbriggs children's day nursery caters for our 4-5 year olds.  It comprises of a multi-purpose playroom which is used for breakfast/snack and lunch and which is also used an additional playroom to the main playroom.

The room has a book area and large tip and tilt interactive table to help develop the children’s ITC Skills. It is equipped with lots of exciting educational games to support children's learning in Literacy and Maths as well as helping them to learn to be cooperative with others, develop their listening skills, teach them to follow instructions etc.

There is ample space in this room to do Language and Literacy Games and Table top games and puzzles.

We operate Extra Curricular activities in this room. Children can currently take part in ‘Enjoy-a-ball’ which teaches the children various Ball Sports which is good to develop hand-eye co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills, co-ordination etc., Drama Sessions to encourage confidence and expressive creativity and ‘Jo-Jingles Music & Movement’ Classes.

The outdoor spaces at Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre

Babies and Toddlers have a covered decking area at our day nursery in Bishopbriggs which they use for outdoor play and picnic snacks. The children can also use this area to play with floor toys, books, instruments, or anything that can be used indoors.

The Two’s children like to explore the Main Garden area to run around to get fresh air and exercise, they also like to sing songs on our ‘Big Red Playbus’. They can strengthen their muscles in their legs and work on their balance by negotiating our hilly area in the garden supported by staff. They also enjoy using our natural Mud Kitchen area to make Mud Pies and use their imaginative skills with the kitchen equipment.

Our Three and Four-year-old children use all of the garden spaces. They enjoy playing, sports and team games in the Main Garden space and they love climbing and risk taking on our ‘Big Red Bus’ and ‘Tree-house’ supported by staff. They also enjoy growing and planting and learning about looking after living things such as fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Children learn about the full cycle of food from seed to table and have eaten things they have grown in the garden such as peas and potatoes and then cooked themselves. They have also grown flowers in our raised beds and developing Early Science skills in the Mud Kitchen.

Children at our Bishopbriggs children's day nursery are involved in Eco-School Projects such as litter picking, they have bug-houses and like to collect and look after bugs in the garden such as centipedes, caterpillars and slugs. They also have an additional area with a trampoline and tyre-run to help support their physical development.

Children are also involved in raising awareness of the ‘Fairtrade Initiative’ to help farmers in developing countries get a fair payment for their produce and have held Fairtrade Coffee and Breakfast Mornings.

meet the team at Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre

Gail Murray - Nursery Manager

I have a degree in Childhood practice and have twenty years experience of working in a variety of early learning and childcare settings. I always strive to make the nursery experience special for every child and family and believe we should ‘make a memory every day’. I value the importance of play and allowing a child to shape and direct their own learning.

Susan Morland – Assistant Manager

'I have worked at our Bishopbriggs children's day nursery for the past 14 years. I started my childcare career within the Centre and gained my SVQ Level 2 & 3 in Early Years Care & Education in 2004. I began my career working with the older children in our former Out of School Care Department and came to work in the nursery department in 2009. I have worked with all ranges and have been in the role of Assistant Manager since 2014. I enjoy the balance of working in the office and the playroom supporting children and staff.'

Emma Stewart – Trainee Assistant Manager

'I joined the company in 2008 and did my training within the Centre with Carousel Training, I gained my SVQ Level 2 & 3 in Children’s Care Learning and Development in 2009. I then worked here for 2 years before taking a gap year to travel to South East Asia & Australia. I then returned to the day nursery in Bishopbriggs and have recently gained my Childhood Practice Degree from Glasgow University and will graduate this summer 2016. I have worked with all age groups within the Centre and am happiest when I am working with the children and staff to provide a fun learning environment.'

Lynsey House – 3rd in Charge

'I joined the company 7 years ago and have an HNC in Early Education and Childcare and have gained my SVQ4 in Children’s Care Learning & Development in 2015. I have worked in a number of childcare settings and have been a children’s representative abroad in both Portugal and Majorca planning daily activities for a children’s club which was great fun. I have been a Room Leader within the Centre since 2014 and enjoy working as part of the team at Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre. I am committed to providing fun active learning experiences for all children and enjoy building relationships and working in close partnership with parents.'

Phyllis Mackenzie – Administrator

'I joined the company in 2014 and have over 20 years’ administrative experience. I oversee the smooth running of the office and support the Management Team. I am the first point of contact for parents. I have a fun loving personality and enjoy working in a childcare environment at the day nursery in Bishopbriggs. I carry out all administrative duties for the Centre including children’s bookings, invoicing and enquiries from parents.' 

Billy Brown – Nursery Chef 

'I joined the company in 2015 and have many years’ experience in the catering industry having worked in a number of busy restaurants. I am responsible for providing healthy snacks and lunches within the Centre using healthy eating guidelines and the ‘Setting the Table’ document. I am adept at providing suitable meals for children of all ages and stages of development and children with cultural preferences or allergies.'

Plus 35 staff members including 28 Practitioners, 4 Junior Practitioners and 2 House-Keepers.

Testimonials about Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre

I would just like to take the time to Thank everyone at Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre who has been involved in the care of our daughter over the past 2 years, without a doubt we picked the best nursery for her to attend.  We viewed other nurseries prior to enrolling her and felt something was lacking in each of them that we couldn't quite put our finger on, though at Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre it was evident straight away and through Holly's time with you all, that all the staff - from the teachers in our little girl's room to the girls in the office to Billy in the Kitchen all have a genuine love for kids and we as a family are very thankful to have gotten to know such a wonderful bunch of people.
Sending our daughter to nursery was a huge concern for both my husband & myself due to her speech difficulties, which is why we delayed starting until she really had to attend. Though from the moment she started nursery it was evident she was in an environment where she was truly being cared forby the staff in her room at the time.
We made everyone aware of our daughter's speech difficulties at the very beginning and feel that she had fantastic support from her teachers, in particular Karen, Emma & Anne who all at the very start took
to comfort & reassure her through her separation anxiety, and who all mastered "Holly ears" as I called it, in that they very quickly became very good at understanding her, while at the same time encouraging her speech, ensuring she was given the time needed to say what was important to her without being rushed.
Over her time at nursery, she has grown and learned so much through the range of activities incorporated into her day, there was never a day when she would come home bored! We have a good few boxes of all her nursery masterpieces under her bed which she will be able to look back on when she is older and I'm sure she will always have amazing memories of her time at nursery.
So once again, a huge Thank You to everyone for all the love & support shown to our daughter and our family over the past 2 years, we truly appreciate it and look forward to enrolling our son when he is a little bigger.
A & S, Parents, August 2016


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