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Crofton day nursery in Orpington is a 68-place day nursery catering for the needs of children from three months to five years. 

Crofton Day Nursery has recently undergone a stunning 40k refurbishment to create an inspiring and homely space for children to investigate, discover and explore. We have four bright, airy colourful nursery rooms where children are divided into four age groups.

The on-site catering team provide freshly cooked, nutritious food for breakfast, snacks, lunch and tea, meeting any dietary requirements the children may have. Our current menu can be found by clicking the 'Menu' tab above.

Crofton Day Nursery has a stunning roof garden, which children can access throughout the day. The garden features an exciting climbing fram, mud kitchen, race track surface and built-in number squares.

We are located within the catchment of many schools in Orpington which include Crofton Infant School, Darrick Wood Primary School, Tubbenden Lane Primary School, Warren Road Primary School, Perry Hall Primary School, Green Street Green Primary School and St James’ Primary School.

Open five days a week, 51 weeks of the year, Crofton is ideally situated between Orpington and Petts Wood train stations, providing regular services to London and Sevenoaks, and on the 208 bus route providing a regular service into Bromley and Petts Wood. 

We will be delighted to welcome you to Crofton day nursery & pre-school. Our friendly, experienced
and highly qualified staff are on hand to conduct a personal nursery tour at a time to suit you. To book a tour, please call 01753 20 11 22 or:

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How to find Crofton Day Nursery & Pre-School in Orpington

We are at the rear of 86 Crofton Lane, Orpington BR5 1HD

The entrance to the nursery is in Birkdale Close, off Place Farm Avenue.  There is a secure buzzer system to enter the building.

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Information about Crofton Day Nursery & Pre-School

Crofton Day Nursery has a roof garden which all the children have access to on a twice-daily basis.  The area is part covered to provide shelter in the winter and shade in the summer and to ensure the small babies always have a dry area to play.  The second part of the garden is completely open, but has high walls to ensure the safety of the children. 

Crofton Day Nursery, one of the top Orpington children's day nursery care providers, as part of the Asquith Nurseries family believes any activity which can be provided indoors can also be provided outdoors. 

You will find bikes, trikes and ride-ons alongside a play house, shade and quiet areas for books or quiet time, sand and water opportunities, drawing and mark making activities, construction activities and painting activities provided for the children, in line with their individual planned activities.

The nursery encourages children to go outside every day, regardless of the weather, and asks parents to provide suitable clothing throughout the year, although the nursery has a supply of ‘puddle suits’ on site for the damper days.

As well as these activities, the children enjoy ‘plane spotting’ and watching the birds fly over, as well as planting seeds and finding out about living things, using bug boxes to capture and observe any bugs found on the garden.

Special Offers at Crofton Day Nursery & Pre-School

The baby room at Crofton Day Nursery & Pre-School

Orpington children's day nursery' baby room accommodates up to 12 babies from 3-16 months on a 1:3 staff ratio.  It has a homely atmosphere with large carpeted area, quiet area, book corner and sensory activities.

There is a separate sleep room so young babies can have naps uninterrupted by other children. The room has high ceilings with large windows which provide plenty of natural light and is fully air conditioned for the warmer months of the year. 

There is a milk kitchen and nappy change facilities within the baby room to meet their individual needs throughout the day without needing to leave the room. 

Parents are asked to supply their preferred brands of nappies, wipes and creams as well as formula milk where applicable.  The nursery kitchen provides daily food cooked fresh on the premises and can meet the needs of all babies, including specific menus for the weaning process.

The baby room at Orpington children's day nursery from Asquith Nurseries The Baby room at the Orpington children's day nursery as part of the Asquith nurseries group

The toddler room at Crofton Day Nursery & Pre-School

Our toddler room accommodates up to 12 children from 16-24 months on a 1:3 staff ratio.  It has a homely atmosphere with high ceilings and large windows to provide plenty of natural light and is fully air conditioned for the warmer summer months.

The toddler room is divided into various areas  including a quiet area, sensory area, 'small world' area and role play.  Other activities include sand and water play, painting and messy sensory play.  Children generally have a nap period in the middle of the day which is accommodated by the use of bedmats within the toddler room.

All food is cooked on-site by the catering team who provide freshly cooked meals daily and are able to meet any dietary needs your child may have.  Staff provide individually planned activities on a weekly basis, based on observations taken during the previous week to meet children’s individual developmental needs. 

Crofton children's day nursery on Crofton Lane in Orpington BR5 1HD The toddler room at our Orpington children's day nursery
 Toddlers having fun at our Orpington children's day nursery
 Crofton day nursery is a children's day nursery in Orpington


The nursery room at Crofton Day Nursery & Pre-School

In our Orpington day nursery the main nursery room accommodates 20 children aged 2-3 years on a 1:4 staff ratio.  There is a lovely homely atmosphere with high ceilings and large windows to allow for plenty of natural light.  The room is fully air conditioned for the warmer summer months. 

The children are encouraged to be more independent in their selection of activities and the room is separated into areas of play including role play, mark-making and graphics, mathematical awareness, book area and quiet area, sand and water and messy activities.  This also provides plenty of opportunity for social interactions between peers.

At meal time, the older children are encouraged to ‘self serve’ their lunch and drinks, encouraging personal preferences and further promoting their independence.

The nursery room also supports the potty training process, but only when children and parents are ready.

The experienced staff team provide individually-suited activities for the children throughout the week, based on observations made during the previous week to ensure the activities are appropriate for the different stages of development and children's interests within the room.


The preschool room at Crofton Day Nursery & Pre-School

The pre-school room at Orpington children's day nursery can accommodate up to 24 children on a ratio of 1:8.  Our highly experienced staff team work with the children to provide stimulating experiences appropriate to the individual ages and stages of development within this age group.

The pre-school room ethos reflects the children’s social and independence skills within the age group and is similar to the set up of a typical reception classroom found at school. 

The room also offers free-flow opportunities for the children to access the various areas of activity as and when they wish, for as long as they wish.  Pre-reading and mathematical skills are promoted within all areas of the room which include role play, mark-making and mathematics areas, sand and water play, construction, small world, books and quiet area and IT.

There is a self-service table for drinks with cups and a jug of water available for children to access throughout the day to meet their individual requirements.

ICT equipment and skills are promoted in pre-school, with an interactive SMART board, touchscreen computer, lightbox and beebots and programmable toys used daily by the children. The children are encouraged to be independent in accessing the equipment, self-registration, self-serving food at meal times and meeting their own toileting and personal hygiene needs.

Getting ready for school in Croftons - Orpington children's day nursery We're always very proud of our pre-schoolers at Croftons - the top Orpington children's day nursery  

The outdoor spaces at Crofton Day Nursery & Pre-School

Our brand new rooftop garden has been equipped specifically to give our children the chance to safely explore the world around them.. The climbing frame with slide encourages children to practice their motor skills and coordination as well as interacting with others and general socialisation - whilst all the time having fun!

The new race track surface encourages children to safely play on the many scooters and trikes available, and the built in number squares encourage the development of maths skills in a fun and exciting way.

Another part of the garden is under cover and contains an up and over tunnel as well as a raised stage area in the corner. This portion can be separated from the rest of the garden either solely for the use of babies or younger children, or for specific planned activities to take place.

This really is an incredibly exciting use of the space available - and a place in which the children really love to play.


the secure rooftop garden environment at our Orpington children's day nursery


meet the team at Crofton Day Nursery & Pre-School

Liz Elliott, Nursery Manager 

Hayley Gomm, Assistant Manager

Susan Mew, Cook 

Plus 25 nursery and support staff.

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Testimonials about Crofton Day Nursery & Pre-School

It was great to see you all on the weekend, and thank you for hosting us at the open day. As discussed, we are considering moving Isabella to Crofton for a further two days per week, and Hector for four days. This is due to the great quality of pre-school that Isabella has enjoyed to date, with a focus on learning that we really appreciate. (Isabella can now name all the planets in the solar system, for example!)
James - June 2014

My son has always enjoyed his time at nursery, and is getting a great deal out of being in pre-school at the moment, thanks to the excellent staff at nursery.  I am sure he will enjoy his extra day a week there too.
Eleanor - August 2012

Can I take this opportunity to thank you all sincerely for the care that you have given Jack over the last few years. You all do an amazing job, and I am very grateful indeed for the care he’s received at Crofton. He has grown into a confident and happy boy, who loves to play with other kids, and nursery has given him a real head-start for his school years.
Mandy - July 2012

We would like to thank you for the care and attention our children have received whilst under your care, it will hold them in very good stead to go on and achieve great things in the future.
Raphael & Genevieve - July 2012 

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