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Four Seasons at Skypark is situated within the Skypark building in Glasgow City Centre a short walk from the Exhibition Centre, Anderston and Charing Cross train stations and local bus network.

The nursery has an exceptional reputation and is graded ‘Very Good’ by the Care Inspectorate and has recently won 'Best Indoor Learning Environment' at the Scottish NMT Awards 2016.  We work in partnership with Glasgow City Council and work with national guidelines, frameworks and curriculum.

Our nursery rooms are welcoming, spacious and have recently undergone a stunning £180k refurbishment to give the nursery a real home from home feel.

The nursery resources have been specially chosen, as they are renowned for their safety and the ways in which they support children’s investigation and exploration throughout their play and learning. We strive to provide the best service in supporting our families.

Our outdoor environment is used daily by all children in all weathers, providing fresh air and a place to explore the world around us. There is also a wealth of knowledge to be gained in our city from libraries, museums and parks, which we visit on a regular basis. We celebrate Glasgow’s diversity and culture which provide fantastic learning opportunities for our children.

All meals are healthy, well-balanced and prepared on site using fresh, seasonal ingredients by our team of qualified chefs. Every dietary requirement is catered to and there are strict procedures in place in regards to allergens. We supply formula milk, breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner which are included in the monthly fee.

We offer up to £750 worth of settling in sessions free of charge to all new starters. These sessions are tailored to you and your child to ensure your child has made a bond with their Key Person, that relationships have started to develop and there is trust between the child, their Key Person and family.

Every child has their own dedicated Key Person who supports their transition to the nursery. There is also a second Key Person in place to ensure there is a key attachment for your child in the nursery every day. The Key Person has the responsibility of your child’s care routine and initiates their individual development plan. They do this through playful and sensitive observation and interaction during play and daily routines.

A Daily Care Diary is completed each day, allowing staff to share and record how your child has spent their day and details about their personal care with you. Each child’s development is also recorded in a Learning Journal which is updated monthly. The Learning Journal is available for you to review anytime and we encourage parents to leave their own notes and observations about their child in this folder. 

We believe that ‘getting it right for every child’ means working in true partnership with parents and carers. We hold themed family open days and evenings throughout the year. This will give you the opportunity to meet other parents, play alongside your child and chat with staff. We hold Parents’ Evening twice a year and our Three to Five children perform brilliant shows for their families at Easter and Christmas. 

Finally, we provide a transition report detailing your child’s stage of development in lines with ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ the national curriculum within the ‘Early Stage’. We also hold a spectacular graduation ceremony for you and your family to enjoy at the end of your nursery experience.

We are delighted that you have reviewed our website and would be delighted to give you a personal nursery tour at a time that is convenient for you. Please click below to book an appointment with Karen or Emma. 

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Special Offers at Four Seasons at Skypark

The baby room at Four Seasons at Skypark

Our baby room is a warm and cosy environment for children 3 months to 18 months with lots of space to encourage our happy children to explore their physical development. The friendly staff will take the time to get to know you and your child ensuring the transition from home to nursery life is smooth and relaxing for your family with sleep and milk feed times replicated from home.

The room is divided into specific areas such as a soft cushioned area for our youngest children to interact and build close trusting relationships with staff and other children. The room also has various walking aids and push along toys to encourage the children to build on their own independence and confidence. Children in this room explore their hand to eye co-ordination and fine motor skills at this stage.

This is an ideal time for children to start feeding themselves and experiment with using cutlery. The baby room also provides an opportunity for the children to be creative using arts and crafts which are displayed on their walls. Other resources such as holistic play baskets, puppets and dressing up also help to stimulate a child’s communication with staff and other children.

As the foundations for good communication skills are being built at this stage, every opportunity to help children develop their communication skills will be explored. The children have access to a separate sleeping area, which offers sensory areas, cots, dream coracles and soft lighting to help your child into a gentle slumber.

Four Seasons at Skypark baby room with cosy area and baby gym large, spacious room to develop and play cosy corner for reading books and relaxing so much to explore in the baby room

The toddler room at Four Seasons at Skypark

Our toddler room is a carefully planned room for our young children.  It offers areas and spaces for children to explore and investigate, enjoy socialising with others, one to one time with their key person and relax quietly.

Each area opens up opportunities which develop children’s developmental stages.  These areas include:

  • creative
  • sand and water
  • book area
  • sensory / heuristic
  • construction
  • imaginative and role play

Key People plan individually for each child and are passionate about developing good relationships with children and their families.  This allows Key People to support each child individually in partnership with their parents.

We promote children’s independence and self-help skills in this room with the use of children’s sinks and accessible tissues and paper towels.  We encourage children to sit at a table and feed themselves with the support of their Key Person to develop their social skills. We support children’s physical development through music and dance, outings and outdoor play.  

Children are encouraged to join in with games, songs and story time which also develop their language and social skills. An Expressive Music and Drama class called CHIME is held with Aileen Every Tuesday afternoon. Children use fantastic resources while expressing themselves through singing, rhythm and dance.  Parents are invited to attend a CHIME performance every year. 

large spacious baby room in Four Seasons at Skypark nursery wide variety of resources available throughout the day toddler room with age appropriate resources and furniture The toddler room in our Four Seasons at Skypark children's nursery

The nursery room at Four Seasons at Skypark

Our nursery room is a nurturing environment which is bright, open and spacious. The room encourages children to explore, investigate through play and active learning every day. We do this by providing stimulating environments and experiences that ensure children have the opportunity to explore natural materials and resources in various learning contexts. The nursery room has many interesting spaces and areas which support a range of development stages and skills including:

  • a plentiful book area
  • puzzle and game area
  • sand and water
  • creative
  • construction
  • imaginative
  • house corner
  • science and investigation
  • climb and slide frame
On a daily basis your child’s Key Person supports in their play, exploration and problem solving. They support this by:
  • Establishing a relationship that will support your child emotionally, build confidence and develop independence.
  • Ensuring environments are flexible and responsive to the immediate interest and needs of the child.
  • Providing opportunities to freely communicate feelings and thoughts in a stage appropriate way.
  • Giving each child frequent one to one experience with staff who are interested and attentive.

During your child’s time in the nursery room they will be introduced to toilet training. Each child starts toilet training at different times, although we do recommend that you give your child time to settle into the room before introducing them to this. When it’s the right time for your child you can speak to your child’s Key Person about it and we will give you a pack to help support you and your child through the process and answer any questions you may have. The staff might equally report to you that they have spotted signs of a readiness to start.

We also hold French class with William on a Wednesday afternoon. Children enjoy singing and playing games while developing a simple French vocabulary. An Expressive Music and Drama class called CHIME is held with Aileen Every Tuesday afternoon. Children use fantastic resources while expressing themselves through singing, rhythm and dance. Parents are invited to attend a CHIME performance every year.

beautifully refurbished nursery room with a wide variety of resources Home role play area in our nursery room large, spacious room to develop and play cosy corner for reading books and quiet time 

The 3-5’s room at Four Seasons at Skypark

The Three-to-Five room is a bright and spacious environment for children to learn and explore in. We have various areas for your children to engage in active learning. Language, Literacy, Math and Numeracy are supported in all areas.

Our environment is carefully planned to ensure each child learns through their own interests whilst being challenged by enthusiastic staff who support children throughout their learning and developmental milestones. It has been designed to ensure an excellent range of open ended resources all of which are accessible to children at all times.

Our fabulous creative area is where children are encouraged to experiment with different materials such as paint, glue, sand, Plasticine, clay, water and scissors. The Imagination Station is a raised structure in the room which allows children to view their environment from a height and build and play in dens underneath. It's a great enclosed space which supports children’s imagination and offers a quiet space for reading and chatting. The top of the Imagination Station is often the main attraction of the room and has been variously designed as a rocket ship, castle and Santa’s Grotto.

We support children’s independence by encouraging children to prepare their own snack and by self-serve in their Snack Bar. Water and fruit are available at all times. During meal times, children serve themselves with adult supervision using child-sized serving utensils. Children are also encouraged to wash their own dishes and use the appropriate recycle bin.

We believe that all children should have the opportunity to be healthy and active learners. The children take part in a range of physical experiences in our outdoor space and in local parks. Key People plan for each child’s individual development, learning style and plan carefully to ensure effective learning using children’s choices and interests. During group time, the children are encouraged to participate and develop teamwork and decision-making, which is a major developmental step and links directly to the values of The Curriculum for Excellence.

We also hold a French class with William on a Wednesday afternoon. Children enjoy singing and playing games while developing a simple French vocabulary. An Expressive Music and Drama class called CHIME is held with Aileen Every Tuesday afternoon. Children use fantastic resources while expressing themselves through singing, rhythm and dance. Parents are invited to attend a CHIME performance every year.

We work with all local authorities and parents when getting children ready for school. Once we have your chosen schools details we will closely liaise with them by phone and visits followed up by completing a detailed transition report to the school.

focus on preparing children for the transition to big school touch screen computers in pre-school room to develop the childrens' ICT skills So much to discover and explore in the pre-school room at Skypark There's a wide variety of resources and staff-led activities throughout the day

The outdoor spaces at Four Seasons at Skypark

Outdoor space at Four Seasons at Skypark children's nursery Outdoor learning environment at Skypark nursery Indoor garden at Four Seasons at Skypark children's nursery Indoor garden with free flow access to the outdoor area

meet the team at Four Seasons at Skypark

Karen Head, Acting Nursery Manager 
Karen Head has 20 years experience in childcare and 16 years experience with Four Seasons has has recently transferred from Four Seasons at Spectrum. Karen has a PDA in Childcare and a Level 4 in Early Learning and Childcare.

Lyndsay Kilpatrick, Acting Nursery Manager - Maternity Leave
Lyndsay has over 14 years of child care experience with Four Seasons. Lyndsay is qualified to a Level 4 in Early Learning and Childcare and is passionate about working in partnership with staff and parents to ensure children are kept at the centre of everything when providing the best start for children.

Lyndsay leads a highly qualified and passionate team who are motivated and enthusiastic about their continuous professional development.  Staff receive ongoing training such as Paediatric First Aid, Safeguarding, Food Hygiene and updates in Early Learning and Childcare documentation.

Garry Thomson, Head Chef
Garry has over 11 years experience and has worked at La Bonne Auberge and Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen restaurants. Over the last 3 years, Garry has developed a passion for designing and providing healthy well-balanced menu’s for young children.  Garry is actively involved in the play rooms and offers baking and cooking experiences for our children during the week.

Sheila Cowan, Kitchen Assistant
Sheila works alongside Garry and supports him within the kitchen while preparing lunches and dinners.


events at Four Seasons at Skypark

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Testimonials about Four Seasons at Skypark

We are delighted by the progress he is making at nursery and it is clear that he loves going and has settled in well. We can not praise your staff enough and they always make the effort to make us and Charlie feel welcome and we appreciate the daily updates on what he has gotten up to! We are especially glad that you do so many creative activities with him as this is something that we don’t manage to do much of at home.

Mysha has had a terrific experience in Four Seasons. It is not easy to send your first child to nursery but seeing what a ball Mysha has had everyday in the past two and half years makes it all a breeze. And we know we have you to thank for that. You are doing a fantastic job.

I write to thank you for your wonderful help and care for my daughter who has been enjoying her time at fours seasons at Skypark, from settling in to her transition from the jelly Tots to busy bees. She has made good friends and built up a good relationship with staff. As a parent, I have seen a lot of positive developments in her.

The staff team has really gone out of their way to help and encourage Jamie. They are eager to assist in any way his development and speech and language.

She seems to be settling nicely, which is great. I am really pleased with how inclusive the girls are, it’s quite refreshing to have everyone welcome him in the morning and say goodbye at night, something I have never experienced in any nursery I have sent my children too. I know it’s just a little thing, but it’s the little things that matter.

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