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Golders Green children's day nursery & pre-school is situated within walking distance of Brent Cross and Golders Green station and is served by several local bus routes. 

The nursery, which has recently undergone a £130k refurbishment, provides a warm, friendly, and stimulating environment for children, aged 3 months to five years,  and their families.

Our children and staff come from a range of cultural and social backgrounds, meaning that as practitioners, we are sensitive to individual needs. Staff speak many languages, including Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati, French, Hungarian, Polish, Hausa, Yoruba, and Mandarin. This allows us to effectively communicate with the children and form a strong partnership with parents. 

The light and airy rooms are full of beautiful, handcrafted wooden furniture and resources from Community Playthings. We are proud to have State-of-the-art computer equipment including touchscreen computers, interactive SMARTboards and programmable 'Bee Bots'. All our exciting resources for learning are at the children's level to encourage the independent choice of activities. 

We offer two extra-curricular music and movement classes. Boogie Mites sessions are held daily by our staff team and Tiny Mites who we welcome every two weeks for Music and Movement sessions.  

We have a beautiful large garden with planting area, climbing frame, large sandpit, plus a separate area for the babies to crawl and explore safely. 

Our delicious, healthy and nutritious food, sourced from trusted suppliers, is prepared and cooked by our very own chef.  Menus change seasonally and cater for all dietary or religious requirements. Our kitchen holds a 5* EHO rating for food safety and hygiene. Please see the menu tab above for our current menu.

The nursery is situated within the catchment area for Wessex Gardens primary school and Garden Suburb infant school. We operate five days a week for 51 weeks of the year between the hours of 7.30am and 6.30pm. The nursery is registered to provide care for 58 children aged between 3 months and 5 years.

We prepare our children to start private schools such as North London Collegiate and Northbridge House School. Some of our children leave to start Jewish private schools within the area. 

We will be delighted to welcome you to Golders Green day nursery & pre-school. Our friendly, experienced and highly qualified staff is on hand to conduct a personal nursery tour at a time to suit you. To book a tour, please call 01753 20 11 22 or

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How to find Golders Green Day Nursery & Pre-School in Brent Cross

The nursery is situated within walking distance of Brent Cross and Golders Green station and is served by several local bus routes.
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Information about Golders Green Day Nursery & Pre-School

Special Offers at Golders Green Day Nursery & Pre-School

The baby room at Golders Green Day Nursery & Pre-School

At our day nursery in Golders Green we offer a range of activities and experiences within our baby room, which promote the babies individual development. The room is divided into three areas, but has an open plan design, which encourages free flow between the areas.

The main area holds the role play area, mathematical and problem solving resources, and the sand tray. Then we have the sleeping area which also contains our cosy corner, books and soft toys. 

Our third area is multi-functional as it is used for messy play activities as well as an eating area. Babies have a separate outdoor area where they can explore the seven areas of learning through a range or resources and activities that are planned by staff.

Staff are very attentive to the children’s individual needs and follow their individual routines. Staff give in-depth reports of how the children have been throughout the day and highlight some of the children’s learning, as well as using individual red books to record how the children have eaten, slept and note down nappy changes on a daily basis.


The nursery room at Golders Green Day Nursery & Pre-School

The nursery room comprises of two main areas. Area one contains the construction area along with music and movement, and the role play area - where children act out their own life experiences. The other room includes the children’s eating area, messy play, ICT equipment and cosy area with books and puppets.

The nursery room shares its outdoor area with the pre-school, allowing them to learn from the older children and explore the outdoor environment through the seven areas of the EYFS.

Staff have a strong partnership with parents; parents are encouraged to take an active role in their children’s learning by sharing home learning experiences and carrying out activities within the setting including cooking sessions, hair dressing demonstrations and talks with the children about festivals celebrated throughout the year.

Staff work with the parents to support the children’s individual needs including toilet training and other changes in their life such as the birth of new siblings and teaching them how to deal with their emotions in a positive way.

At our day nursery in Golders Green staff celebrate children’s individual achievements through the use of a 'Wow' book. Staff encourage children’s independence at meal times by allowing the children to serve their own food. 


The preschool room at Golders Green Day Nursery & Pre-School

Staff incorporate children’s ideas and interests through the use of the talking/thinking books which then inform their indoor and outdoor planning across all seven areas of learning at Golders Green children's day nursery. The pre-school is off the main outdoor area allowing the children to free flow between the two environments.

The staff encourage the children’s independence when carrying out activities including toileting, hand washing, self service at mealtimes and dressing and undressing themselves when they go into the garden. Staff encourage the children to talk about their feelings and teach the children about rules and boundaries through the use of a rule book, group discussions and stories.

They use a child-friendly open and closing garden checklist to promote awareness of health and safety within the environment. Staff encourage children to resolve problems independently and offer support when needed.

Staff teach the children skills which will support them during their transition to school including how to develop friendships with children and staff, turn taking and sharing. Staff work with the children on their letters and sounds, early phonics and simple maths as part of their daily routine. Children are made aware of healthy eating through activities, including making their own sandwiches and exercise routines.


meet the team at Golders Green Day Nursery & Pre-School

Abi, Nursery Manager
Abi has achieved her Level 3 in Childcare Learning and Development and Level 3 in Management and has over 10 years experience in childcare. Abi joined Asquith in July 2015. 

Xu, Assistant Manager / Nursery Room Supervisor
Xu has achieved her Level 4 in Early Years Practise and has over 17 years of experience in childcare. Xu joined Asquith in November 2008. 

Ezra, Third in Charge / Pre-School Room Supervisor
Ezra has achieved her Qualified Teachers Status in Primary Education and has over 12 years of experience in childcare. Ezra joined Asquith in September 2014.  

Paul, Nursery cook
Paul has worked as a cook for 17 years in various establishments. He has his level 2 in food safety and has a real passion for baking yummy cakes and bread. Paul joined Asquith in January 2016.

The Golders Green staff team consists of 18 Qualified members of staff to a Level 3 standard. With over 90years childcare experience between them all.

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Testimonials about Golders Green Day Nursery & Pre-School

I just want to say thank you for the wonderful time that my son has had in baby room, nursery room and pre-school and in particular for the incredible contribution to his development that he received. He attended Asquith Golders Green nursery from around the time of his first birthday until age 3.5, at which point he moved on to attend his primary school's nursery.

I would like to highlight the following:

1. The staff take seriously the physical and mental development of the children.
- D was relatively late to start walking (at around 19 months). In the months leading up to him finally walking, i.e. after this delay had been identified by the staff looking after him in baby room, the staff put in the effort to perform special exercises with him in order to help him learn to walk. They also educated me on these exercises so that I could practise them with him at home. Aside from the exercises the care, encouragement and attention that he received while learning to walk was incredible.
- In his time in the pre-school room he reached the age/phase of wanting to run and climb etc more than his body could handle. Given his hypermobility and low muscle tone around the hip/waist, this stage in his life came with many falls. I took him to a paediatrician and a child physiotherapist, and the staff at pre school room took every interest possible in the outcomes of these appointments and how they could help him.
- In his time in the nursery room, I recall enjoying a particularly informative chat at one of the regular parents evenings held about his mental development vs a benchmark development plan for his age.
- When he began in baby room, he was taught new words from almost day 1.
- The staff's patience with toilet training is definitely worth a note! He struggled and the staff were all incredibly patient with him while helping him out.

2. When he first joined baby room at around age 12 months, after having spent most of his first year with me while I was on maternity leave, the staff put every effort in - and clearly demonstrated true ability to make him feel welcome and to settle. Drop-off quickly progressed from crying on my departure to something that he was excited to be a part of. Before I knew it he was happy arriving every morning. I had full confidence in leaving him there and going off to work, knowing that he was happy and well cared for. Once he was able to talk, I would often get requests at the weekend to go to nursery.

3. D wasn't the best at eating at home, but at nursery he would often ask for second portions, and beyond.

4. D's younger brother was born when he was 2.5 years old. The staff took extra care of him at this time as he struggled with the loss of his status of being an only child. This is just one example of a time when the staff care about the impact on the children of events in their lives. Prior to the birth, they educated him and prepared him for the fact that he was going to become an older brother.

There are many more things to note, e.g. The staff are always willing and putting the effort to communicate well with the parents, the rich variety of learning activities, etc.

I would like to conclude with two things: firstly, I already notice the learnings that D has taken with him from his time at Asquith into the next stage of his life at his primary school nursery, for example, recognising his name when he saw it written. Secondly, I am happy to have my younger son in baby room now and I have the confidence that he will have such a great time as well and also grow and develop well.
Parent - January 2017



We decided to nominate Harshna for the Employee Of The Year Award as we feel she has done an excellent job with Phoebe so far and been a fantastic support in helping with Phoebe's development. The comments we wrote on the nomination form are below. "Harshna has done an absolutely fantastic job of settling in our little girl, Phoebe Root into the baby room at the Golders Green Day Nursery since day one and has been the perfect person to help her with her social, physical and emotional development. When Phoebe started at the nursery in June 2015 at 15 months of age she was a bubbly, communicative little girl, though she was wary of meeting new people and, in addition, her physical development had been slow. At that point she was bottom shuffling fairly slowly, but not rolling, crawling or pulling up to stand and she had been referred to see a Consultant Physiotherapist to see if she needed treatment. Harshna has been an amazing support throughout Phoebe's time at the nursery and has done her utmost to encourage Phoebe's physical development which she knew was a priority for my husband and I. She has dedicated time to help Phoebe with her specific needs, by helping her to mobilise well and teaching her to develop her movements. Phoebe is now able to roll over, crawl, sit up from lying down and pull herself up to knees, none of which she could do four months ago. The reason that we are nominating Harshna as Employee of the Year is thanks to her support, time and dedication, Phoebe has blossomed into a confident, highly mobile toddler and we couldn't be happier with her progress."
Anita, Parent, December 2015

Ollie is very happy in the Baby Room. Harshna takes really good care of him and he has developed a close relationship with her. He is always playing happily when I collect him. I was impressed with the settling in process which made sure he was comfortable in the Baby Room before he started going for full days.
Claire, Parent, December 2015

My son Simeon recently left Asquith Golders Green after two very happy years there. He has started at a new primary school nursery and has settled extremely well. I am sure that one of the reasons he settled so well was because of his experience at Asquith and in particular his last couple of months in the pre-school room. The pre-school teachers really encouraged him to become more independent and helped him develop his social skills. I really cannot thank them enough.
Emily Levere, Parent, December 2015

It is a wonderful team that run the baby room. Harshna and Joanne appear to be happy and calm and the children seem to be happy too. Felix joined following the closure of hill park nursery where he had settled but Harshna and Joanne made the transition for him and us easy. He has settled very well and appears to be comfortable in his surroundings. The staff seem to nurture and support his development and help him meet his millstones.
Ranjika, Parent, December 2015

To Golders Green Nursery We can't thank you enough for all the love and support you have shown us over the last 9months. Aaron has come on leaps and bounds and that's partly because of all you guys. Me and Aaron are sure going to miss you. You are an incredible team and I am very sad to be leaving. I wish we weren't. Thank you for all the love and kindness. I hope we can pop in next year to show Aaron's development. It's a very sad and extremely emotional day for me. Thank you for loving Aaron and for being the best careers I could ask for. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING. May 2016 bring you all only happiness and blessings
Aimee and Aaron, Parents, December 2015

To everyone at Asquith Golders Green,
We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for our children Benjamin and Hannah. Benjamin leaves nursery this week for 'big school' he and his big sister loved coming here. They have learnt so much in your care and finding their way around the world and building friendships We will be sure to come back and say hello. We wish everyone at the nursery all the best for the future.
Lots of love
Charlotte and David, Benjamin and Hannah, December 2015

Dear Asquith Golders Green,

Thank you very much for all your help and support you have provided to Yara. She prospered within your care and support. Yara loves her nursery very much, which I think is a testimony of your good work and effort.
The very best wishes
Dina, Mohammed, Yara and Jenna, December 2015

Golders Green children's day nursery & pre-school has been a second home to my daughter, Ayana who is at the nursery full time for 5 days a week and the most important thing we as parents look for is her comfort and safety.

Ayana has become very comfortable at the nursery and enjoys herself there. Over the last 1 ½ years Ayana has spent time in the Baby Room and now is in the Nursery Room. She has learnt a lot and I can see her development over the months. She is becoming more independent and likes to do things on her own; like eat, wear her coat and go up and down the stairs. From the time she has moved to the Nursery Room her language skills have improved considerably, she is interacting with all her friends and the key workers very well. She already knows colours, numbers and a few letters of the alphabet and also enjoys various art and craft activities performed at the nursery. It is a delight to see her growing and the nursery plays a vital role in her development.

The nursery provides wonderful food, a taste which Ayana even expects at home. The premises are maintained well, cleanliness and child safety given prime importance. Abena, the Nursery Manager ensures that the nursery is run efficiently with all our queries taken care of.

A special mention to all the staff like Harsha, Joanne, Andy from the Baby Room and Xu, Fatima, Nicole, Nicolo, Rebecca; they take care of our children like their own, giving us peace of mind that they are in safe hands.

Without a doubt I would recommend this nursery to any fellow parents looking for childcare.
Bhavnidhi - February 2014

My twin boys have been attending Golders Green Day Nursery & pre-School since they were 10 months old. I have been really happy with the care, love and attention that has been provided to the boys. Over the last 2 years I have watched them grow in their confidence and skills as the nursery staff have cared for them. The nursery has provided so many opportunities for the boys to learn and experiment which I would struggle to do at home. Learning to eat, drinking out of a cup, potty training, seemingly simple, but not so easy for parents that work full time. I can only praise the staff who I see genuinely care for the children. And I hasten to add that the low staff turnover has ensured the consistency of care.

A big heartfelt thank you to Abena, Baby and Nursery Room staff - Adam and Zach are so happy and therefore I am happy too!
Tina - February 2014

I contribute a large portion of Hunter's mental, emotional, physical and psychological behaviours and stability to the fact that he started nursery at a very young age. As a single mom, I needed to go back to work when my son was just 3 months old.

Hunter turns two shortly and I can honestly say that due to the care, love, nurturing and support that he has received from all the staff, that he has grown into an independent and confident little boy. Every morning he greets staff with a cuddle and is comfortable with the routine and structure. He has learnt to interact and relate to others at a very young age and especially enjoys the creative and musical activities.

I feel that placing him at Asquith Golders Green Day Nursery & Pre-School was one of the best decisions that I have ever made, and I am grateful that I have not compromised on his childcare.
Leanne - February 2014

Our daughter Angelina has been coming to Golders Green Day Nursery & Pre-School for almost a year. We could not be any more happy with our choice of nursery. It didn't take Angelina too long to adjust in the nursery, which I believe is thanks to the great staff and as very often happening that Angelina doesn't want to go home from the nursery we can see that she is very happy there.
As parents we are especially happy about the report we get from one of the staff every time we pick up Angelina as it's important for us to know what and how she was doing during her time at the nursery. We have always found a support from you which we are very grateful for and we would recommend Golders Green Day Nursery & Pre-School to anyone who would ask.
Veronika - February 2014

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