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Hendon children's pre-school & day nursery is based in a large converted house in the centre of Hendon within the London Borough of Barnet. 

Our children's nursery is rated Outstanding by Ofsted and provides facilities for 73 children aged three months to five years on two floors.

Each specially designed, age appropriate room is filled with natual resources and state-of-the-art equipment to support the education, care and development of children in the early years.  

Our stunning new adventure garden allows free-flow play all year round and includes a climbing frame, race track, water feature and soft surface for exploring the outdoors. 

Our delicious, healthy and nutritious food, sourced from trusted suppliers is prepared and cooked by our very own chef. We hold a 5* EHO rating for food safety and hygiene. Menus change seasonally and cater for all dietary and religious needs. Please see the menu tab above for our current dishes.

Hendon day nursery operates five days a week for 51 weeks of the year, between the hours of 7.30am and 6.30pm and is close to three local primary schools, shops, Brent Cross shopping centre and Hendon Central Tube Station.

We are within the catchment of many schools which include St.Josephs, St.Mary’s & St.Johns, and Parkfields.

We will be delighted to welcome you to Hendon pre-school & day nursery. Our friendly, experienced
and highly qualified staff are on hand to conduct a personal nursery tour at a time to suit you. To book a tour, please call 01753 20 11 22 or

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How to find Hendon Pre-School & Day Nursery in Hendon

The closest London rail links are Hendon Central Tube Station and Hendon Overground. Local bus links to the nursery include: 83, 183, 113, 143, 324, 326.
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Information about Hendon Pre-School & Day Nursery

Special Offers at Hendon Pre-School & Day Nursery

The baby room at Hendon Pre-School & Day Nursery

Our baby room takes 12 babies aged from 3 months to approximately 16 months. The room has wonderful resources and a beautiful outdoor area which is separated from the rest of the garden, allowing the babies space to safely crawl and explore.

The baby room also has a separate sleep room attached which ensures that the babies can sleep peacefully and in their own time. All meals are prepared freshly onsite by our long standing cook who prepares fresh fruit and vegetable purees, semi-purees and main meals.


The toddler room at Hendon Pre-School & Day Nursery

Our toddler room at our day nursery in Hendon takes 15 children aged from 16 months to two years. The room is made up of two main areas: one is full of creative, malleable, messy play activities and the other is cosy and snug.

The children benefit from regular outdoor activities and enjoy a wide variety of experiences that are age appropriate and of interest to their individual needs.


The nursery room at Hendon Pre-School & Day Nursery

Nursery class takes 23 children aged from two to three years. This large, spacious room is set out to ensure that all areas of the curriculum are covered and allow the children the freedom to make choices and encourage independence.

The children benefit from a wonderful outdoor area that they visit throughout the day.


The preschool room at Hendon Pre-School & Day Nursery

Our day nursery in Hendon's pre-school room takes 23 children aged three to five years. This room benefits from a large open space as well as access to the garden enabling a ‘free flow’ approach to the children’s learning. It has the seven areas of learning covered throughout the space ensuring all areas of development are catered for in the best possible way.

The children have a structured routine for the day so as to prepare them for school. Children work on letters and sounds in teaching time and the various clubs that operate throughout the week- including Spanish lessons-  make the pre-school a wonderful place to play and learn.


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Testimonials about Hendon Pre-School & Day Nursery

The Hendon children's day nursery's flexibility around my constantly changing work needs, days, patterns and additional duties, through changing the childrens days and booking extra sessions, have been invaluable to me over the last 3.5 years.

I have in that time started and finished a research project, and an MSc and an MRCP examination. Literally I could not have done it without you. Thank you "Sylvie" the Spanish Teacher on Tuesdays in Hendon has made a huge and very positive impression on my son in just a few short months. He speaks more Spanish now than I could have believed possible in just 3 months of Tuesday morning sessions. She is clearly worth the additional cost to the nursery and more again.

Tiny Mites with their Friday sessions at Hendon have infiltrated our lives for the better. We have their CDs, we sing their songs, and they did my son's birthday party. For me they have eased the guilt of the working mother that I cannot take my children to all the lovely musical sing along mummy groups - My children get all that and more with Fen.

For my son Fridays mean seeing Fen and he tells me every time she is not there (I assume she is allowed the odd holiday!) and how sad he is. Thank you for bringing music to Fridays in a special way for the children in pre-school, they started giving us a little note saying "ask me about" and on it were written things they had done that week for parents to ask the children about. This helps parents so so much to get past the "so what did you do at nursery today" silent stand off. It is a great idea. It seems to have fizzled out a bit - bring it back! It was great!

Asquith has some very detailed policies and procedures. The paperwork is endless, and the detail at times excruciating. HOWEVER coming from the NHS, it's small fry and you are doing fantastically well and keeping all your staff informed about all the various forms and procedures. All well functioning systems with a high level of responsibility and accountability have similar governance checks and staff education. Don't change if you get any negative feedback about this. It is essential and parents who don't like it, well just don't understand.

There is so much more to thank you for, the food, the love and care, the baby room cuddles, the clothes, shoes and toys from home that get lost but have always been found again. I am forgetting a multitude of other things that the nursery does with excellence. I know its a bit random sending this today, its not like we are leaving or anything! I just rarely get a chance to give any feedback. Thank you again!

Claire - Feb 2015

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful team especially those who supervise the Toddler Room namely Sophie, Jo, Stacey and Lea Ann for welcoming our daughter and ourselves to Hendon Day Nursery. As you know it was an ‘extremely emotional and heart wrenching ‘ time for us (especially for mum to say the least!!) to put our daughter in the hands and care of someone else not her parents or family. We can honestly say that we are truly blessed to have found a professional, sincere and loving nursery whose care and wellbeing for our daughter and all the other kids is there number one priority. It truly is a home away from home for our daughter whom we have seen flourish in the few months she’s been with you. Thank you for the settling in periods, for your patience and kindness and for the next couple of years ahead!  You really have to teach us some of these nursery rhymes and actions that our daughter loves to sing and perform, as some of these have changed since our days!!!
Chinyere and Shaka - May 2012

Jonah and Jesse have both developed a huge amount in what will be have been 3 and a half years at Hendon Day Nursery for Jonah and 1 and a half years for Jesse. Each room from Babies through Toddlers, Nursery and Pre-School have enabled them to focus on different skills and develop the important ability to play alone as well as with a group of children. We think it is fair to say that all of the staff in the whole nursery noticed the change in Jonah's personality as he really came out of himself and grew in confidence this past September! When he set the table for his teddy bears' tea at home this week, forks on the left, knives on the right, spoons above plates - fit to teach an etiquette class - and told us that is how it is done at Pre-School, it reinforced for us that our children are learning at nursery how to participate in the world around them. Jonah has built very close relationships with staff and children at the nursery and still speaks of the idiosyncratic songs and words spoken by both staff and fellow children who have left long ago.

For Jesse, who has been coming to the nursery three times a week since he was one week old, first to collect Jonah and then in his own right, it has been incredibly special for him to feel very comfortable around his own key workers as well as those of Jonah and to happily find his way around the Pre-School Room with staff who know him - his name and personality. In the months he has been in the Nursery Room his language has grown at a remarkable speed and he is able to excitedly show us around the room and explain his daily activities. So it is with sadness that we leave Asquith. They will leave nursery on that day at 1pm to go straight to the airport!

Lisa, we would like to thank you for your passion and commitment to our children's care and your leadership of the nursery.
Adele and Jeremy - May 2012

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