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asquith nannies are available at new eltham day nursery New Eltham children's day nursery provides a caring environment for the under 5s in our daytime care, overseen by passionate staff who care about supporting children as they grow and develop their own interests.

As a day nursery, we are regulated and inspected by OFSTED, and we are delighted to be rated ‘OUTSTANDING’.  We are located in single-storey converted school buildings. We are also delighted to be having a new, large extension to the building and beautiful garden in 2017.

We are within the catchment of many schools which include Dulverton, Montebelle, Wybourne and Greenacres.

As part of the Asquith family of children's nurseries and pre-schools, we pride ourselves on providing safe, exciting and enjoyable activities where children thrive as they learn.

Our nursery staff are motivated and dedicated to developing the children’s learning whilst the children feel settled and secure. We are sure that from the first time you visit our nursery you will see this for yourself.

We will be delighted to welcome you to New Eltham day nursery. Our friendly, experienced and highly qualified staff are on hand to conduct a personal nursery tour at a time to suit you. To book a tour, please call 01753 20 11 22 or

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How to find New Eltham Day Nursery in New Eltham

New Eltham children's day nursery is situated so that entry can be gained via the A20 or Green lane. We are close to Mottingham train station and New Eltham train station, with bus links: 314,160,162, B13, 321, 233. 

The Entrance to our nursery can be found next to the Ford Garage on the A20. 

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Information about New Eltham Day Nursery

Special Offers at New Eltham Day Nursery

The baby room at New Eltham Day Nursery

Our baby room at our day nursery in New Eltham caters for children from 3 months.  It is filled with beautiful furniture and toys from Community Playthings, which reflects the needs of each child in the room. Staff form positive relationships with parents sharing daily information.

Our unique settling in process ensures that babies and parents get to know their keyworkers and nursery environment. This time also allows staff to understand your child's routine from home which is followed closely to ensure a smooth transition into nursery life.

We hold three parents' evenings a year to encourage parents to look through their child’s learning journal and contribute to their child’s learning. The calm and caring environment ensure that staff are sensitive and responsive to the children’s needs. 

 New Eltham children's day nursery

The toddler room at New Eltham Day Nursery

Within our New Eltham children's day nursery the toddler room caters for children from 15 months. The layout of the room enables children to explore and discover their environment around them. Each child has a key person who plans fun activities tailored to their individual learning journey. 

The room has direct access to a small outside area as well as a large garden, which allows the children to take part in a variety of physical activities, which is fundamental to the prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. 

The toddler room in our New Eltham children's day nursery   

The nursery room at New Eltham Day Nursery

Our nursery room environment is set up to include all the seven areas of learning. The children at our New Eltham children's day nursery are encouraged to start to help with their self-care routines and this is encouraged by the staff and re-emphasized by the layout of the room. The children have access to a large garden which enables all the children to explore the outdoor environment.

This is a time when independence is encouraged, for example, toilet training and self-serving snacks and drinks. Creativity is developed each day with activities and resources freely available to expand your child's imagination and wonder.


The preschool room at New Eltham Day Nursery

In our New Eltham children's day nursery the pre-school room caters for children from three to five years. Our children are always encouraged to complete tasks and activities with independence, developing the skills and confidence to transition to big'school'.

There is a range of stimulating resources offering teaching and learning experiences. Children are encouraged to think critically in every aspect of their learning development.

Boogie Mites, music and movement sessions are held every day in the nursery to develop letters and sounds.

At the end of Summer, we hold a grand graduation ceremony for our school leavers, their parents and grandparents. Each child receives a graduation certificate and framed photograph to commemorate their special time at nursery.

Children's day nursery in New Eltham day nursery in New Eltham
 The pre-school room at our day nursery in New Eltham
 The nursery room at our day nursery in New Eltham

The outdoor spaces at New Eltham Day Nursery

At our day nursery in New Eltham, we have a very large garden with a hobbit house, adventure climbing frame, bikes, and that’s before mentioning our very own pirate ship!

Our planting area and separate mud kitchen and Forest School area encourage children to learn and care about the world around them whilst getting invaluable fresh air.

meet the team at New Eltham Day Nursery

Michelle Gregory, Nursery Manager
Michelle is qualified to Level 3 in Childcare & Education and Level 5 in Management and she has worked in childcare for over 20 years. Michelle worked mainly with pre-school children before joining Asquith Nurseries in 2010  as an Assistant Manager, working her way to Nursery Manager at New Eltham in 2011.

Claire Malcher, Assistant Manager
Claire is qualified to Level 3 in Childcare & Education and Level 5 in Management. She started as a room leader in 2012 at New Eltham and has been Assistant Manager since 2015.

Dolores Mansell, Assistant Manager
Dolores is qualified to Level 3 in Childcare & Education and has been with New Eltham Day Nursery for over 20 years. 

Kate Henderson, Administrator
Kate came to us from our Peckham Rye nursery and has been at New Eltham since 2012. She is often the first port of call for our parents when visiting the nursery. 

Dev, Our Nursery Cook

"In my spare time I enjoy cooking, going to the gym, and gardening. I moved from Denmark to South East London back in 2003. I have always had an interest in cooking and so entered and won a competition aimed at people who wanted to start a career in cooking. I spoke to the Chef sponsoring this event who then convinced me that I would have a promising career in Catering as he believed I had exceptional skill in this area. He recommended me to a restaurant where I completed three years training in Catering.

Whilst working at Asquith nursery I am able to take the Pre-school children in our garden where they help me with planting in the vegetable patch, discuss healthy eating and what we need to do to encourage our plants to grow. I enjoy working for Asquith nurseries because Asquith has a very good vision of what they want to achieve and the training they offer their staff is exceptional. There is dietary requirement training in place for all the staff so that the safety of everyone is ensured.

I am currently completing an NVQ in Hospitality and Catering management. I have previous restaurant and Catering experience in a restaurant called Julia where I worked for four years.

Looking into the future, I plan to carry on with planting seasonal fruit and vegetables with the children."



Latest news from New Eltham Day Nursery

New Eltham new garden!

New Eltham is undergoing some exciting changes. The land surrounding the nursery is undergoing extensive work to make space for an amazing adventure garden. This garden will provide excellent nature viewing opportunities for the children with the chance for them to see lots of local wildlife.


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Testimonials about New Eltham Day Nursery

This is to say a big thank you to all at Asquith New Eltham. It was just yesterday our little doll started coming here, it has been an incredible journey since! No thank you is enough for all the effort and hard work dedicated by yourselves, thank you for wiping her tears, holding her hands, playing and jumping with her and above all helping her develop into what she is today – the ever smiling Srishti!
We think that she will miss you all - including the lovely food, the master chef and the end of day cleaners - all so familiar. Now that she is embarking on a new journey of life she bids you all good-bye.
Srishti’s Mum and Dad - August 2016

Thank you for caring for Elliott over the past two and a half years. It has been so reassuring for us to leave him in your care knowing that he is safe, secure, happy and getting as many cuddles as he needs. Elliott has thrived since stating at nursery and we really do appreciate all the work you have done. Thank you again, Elliott will miss you all very much.
Yvette, Martin & Elliott - July 2016

Our daughter has attended New Eltham Day Nursery for the last 3 years and her progression has come on in leaps and bounds within that time. Her speech, confidence, social skills and creativity have all been nurtured. Thanks to the hard work and dedication shown by Michelle, Georgia, Kim and all the Team members at Asquith. We would fully recommend anyone looking to put their child into nursery to consider Asquith New Eltham as their first choice.
Katie Nichols - June 2016

As you know, our son was getting confused and quite upset with the drop offs at different places and now we always drop him off at the toddler room. Whilst we find that all the staff at the nursery are great, we wanted to give a special mention to Terri, Millie, Mark and Elle as they have been so wonderful with him, going out of their way to come and greet him and taking him in the morning. We really appreciate their care and kindness towards him and wanted to say a big thank you to them.
Parent, May 2016 

I just wanted to email to say a big thank you! Having started to settle my daughter Sophie into the baby room in the last few months, it made me reminice back to the time when my son Oliver was settling in. At that time, I was so impressed by the friendly welcome we received as a new family to the nursery. All the staff in the Baby Room were very good at helping Oliver to settle, as we know, it took a lot of tears and cuddles before he eventually realised that Mummy and Daddy do come back! He eventually settled because of the time, effort and commitment of the staff. This time around my experience with Sophie's settling in period is equally as impressive. The staff in the Baby Room are confident and caring. Sophie is settling in so smoothly. (thankfully with a lot less tears, as she is a totally different character to her brother! phew) When I come to collect her at the end of a session, I can tell that the staff have interacted with her, got to know her that little bit more and cared about her. Their feedback is lovely to hear and Sophie is happy and smiley in their company.

Having started nursery process over again for the second time, it made me realise that once Oliver settled in it is very easy to become accustomed to the excellent standards of care at the nursery, its just normal at New Eltham Nursery. As parents we are very grateful for that. Whenever I meet other parents who are looking for a nursery in the area, I always without hesitation recommend New Eltham. Parents have often fed back to me that once they visit the nursery or enrol their child, that they too are equally as impressed as I am. I must add that I am not the only parent to be recommending you. There are local parents groups on Facebook. On these pages there are regular posts from new parents to the area asking about nurseries. Everytime a post like that appears it is swamped with recommendations from existing New Eltham parents!

Oliver is now a very happy and confident little boy, his development in all areas has been significant since starting at the nursery. He is currently in Nursery Room where he is having lots of fun! He comes home talking about the topics they are exploring and the activities that he has done each day. It is so lovely to hear him talk so positively about his day. It always provides me with the opportunity to extend his learning with days out and activities at home. We recently had to go to the library on the hunt for the ‘Superworm’ book because he enjoyed it so much at nursery. We also went to the Natural History Museum last week as Oliver was able to explain that he had enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs at nursery and had started to ask questions about them. As a parent, I feel able to communicate with the Nursery Room staff easily. They show a genuine interest in Oliver home life. I regularly complete Home Learning sheets and send them in to provide evidence towards Oliver’s Profile. When I view his profile at parents meetings, its lovely to see the link between home and nursery so clearly displayed.

The staff in Nursery Room are full of life and clearly enjoy their jobs. I can express how happy I am with the care they provide for Oliver, but I also decided to ask him about the grown-ups who look after him. When I asked him he smiled a big smile and this was his response….

“Georgia is silly Mummy, I laugh”

“Rianne gives me cuddles”

“Debbie, I like, Debbie tidies up. I say bye bye Debbie when home time, I do cuddles”

"Dolores tidy up nice”

“Emma give me milk”

ha ha ha so clearly he has his needs met at nursery and is happy to talk about nursery in a positive way!

So basically, I wanted to say thank you to all the staff who care for my children, its easy to take the excellent standards of care for granted because it is so normal at New Eltham Nursery, but rather than remembering to say thank you and to show our appreciation at Christmas and when the children move up to their next room, I thought it would mean more to say it on a normal day in the life of the nursery. So THANK YOU! we really do appreciate it and value the nursery we are so lucky to have in our community.
Loran -April 2016

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