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Peckham Rye children's day nursery is a lovely 81 place, purpose-built nursery with an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating. It is conveniently located close to Peckham Rye and Nunhead train stations and has good bus links.

It is situated within walking distance of Peckham Rye Park, and the children enjoy walks to the park - to the nature garden, the pond to feed the ducks and to the swing park.

The day nursery in Peckham Rye is divided into different age groups to cater for the children’s needs in each specific age group. The staff team are dedicated, very friendly and professional, enthusiastic and have a passion for looking after the children.

All of our meals are freshly prepared on site by our fantastic chef. We have a very large beautiful outdoor space for the children to extend their classrooms outside, providing excellent areas for exploration, fun and learning.

We provide a range of fun activities to promote and encourage learning and development. One of the best-loved activities is our 'children’s lending library basket' which has proved very popular.

Peckham children's day nursery is located within the catchment of many schools which include Ivydale, Goose Green, Haberdasher’s, James Alleyn, Dulwich College and Goodrich.

We will be delighted to welcome you to Peckham Rye day nursery. Our friendly, experienced and highly qualified staff are on hand to conduct a personal nursery tour at a time to suit you. To book a tour, please call 01753 20 11 22 or

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How to find Peckham Rye Day Nursery in Peckham

Nearest bus stop on the 343 or 484 routes are Solomon’s Passage and Rye Hill Park.

Nearest train stations are Peckham Rye and Nunhead.

Free on-street parking available outside the nursery. 

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Information about Peckham Rye Day Nursery

Special Offers at Peckham Rye Day Nursery

The Baby & Toddler Room at Peckham Rye Day Nursery

At Peckham children's day nursery, our baby and toddler room takes babies from three months to toddlers at 24 months and has a capacity of 21 babies and toddlers.

All the babies are treated as individuals with individual routines to be followed. We operate the baby and toddler room on a ratio of 1:3 and each child is assigned a key person before they start.

The room is set up so that it is stimulating for each individual age group, with a calm, cosy environment for babies whilst allowing them to cruise efficiently promoting their physical development and a more active side for our new toddlers.

We ensure the children have access to the outdoor areas on a daily basis Babies have their own wonderful outdoor area while toddlers enjoy free flow access to the main garden. 

The equipment for toddlers is set at a low level for all children to be able to access. The room has provision for free play, physical play, messy play and a cosy area to snuggle with a book. 

Our baby  and toddler room at Peckham children's day nursery is a fun and exciting place to be where your child will be encouraged to discover and learn through play.

day nursery in Peckham
Rye baby room Babies are catered for in our day nursery in Peckham OFSTED rated Peckham children's day nursery The Baby room at our Peckham children's day nursery

The Nursery Room at Peckham Rye Day Nursery

Our nursery room at Peckham Rye children's nursery has the capacity to hold 20 children aged between two and three.

The room ratio is 1:4 as the children develop more independence. Their daily routine supports their independence making them more confident, capable learners.

The children spend time in their intimate key groups looking at different topics they are interested in and exploring them further as a group.The children's environment is laid out to support the seven areas of learning from the revised Early Years Foundation Stage.

They also have a well-equipped bathroom to support toilet training and we work alongside parents to help children master this as soon as they are ready. Development and progress are at each child's individual pace, but it can be encouraged and spurred by creating the right atmosphere and matching the appropriate activities to the child's stage of development.Landmarks in the children's' growth and development are assessed every three months through our summative reports that parents sign, enabling us to detect areas in the child's development that would benefit from extra support


The Pre-School 1 Room at Peckham Rye Day Nursery

Our pre-school 1 room has the capacity to take 20 children from age three and a half until they go to school before their 5th birthday.

We strive to get the children school-ready by the time they leave to go to school. The transition from nursery to school can be a big one for any child so we work with the prospective schools to make the transition as smooth as possible.By the time the children leave Peckham children's day nursery and go to school we aim to equip them with the skills and desire to focus on their responsibilities, to think for themselves, problem solve, socialise, communicate and gain an increasing understanding of the world and how it works.  

The children also benefit from taking part in letters and sounds activities and Boogie mites.The room has direct access to the garden and the children can free-flow inside or outside. Twice a year we hold a parents' morning to give the parents and carers an opportunity to discuss their child's development formally and in a relaxed environment.

the Pre-school room at our Peckham children's day nursery Pre-schoolers get ready for big school at our day nursery in Peckham  

The Pre-School 2 Room at Peckham Rye Day Nursery

Our pre-school 2 room has the capacity to take 20 children up to the age of four when they are ready to move up to Pre-School 1. We strive to encourage the children to become more independent, introducing children to letters and sounds, numbers and the first stages of writing skills. Each day we hold key group activities which enables the children to share their thoughts and ideas, furthering their learning. The children also benefit from time spent with their peers in Pre-School 1 during sports club and outdoor free-flow play.

The outdoor spaces at Peckham Rye Day Nursery

We're incredibly proud of our fantastic garden at our day nursery in Peckham! A large area with an artificial grass surface, which is much safer for the children to play, is great for developing physical skills, and we have a lovely wooden climbing frame too.

Children enjoy mark-making outside and learning about the lifecycle in our planting and growing area. There’s a separate space for babies, meaning children are free to discover, explore and develop at their own pace.

 Fantastic outdoor spaces at our Peckham children's day nursery Adventure garden at our day nursery in Peckham 

meet the team at Peckham Rye Day Nursery

Cassandra Medford, Nursery Manager
Cassandra is qualified to Level 3 in Childcare & Education and Level 3 in Management and she has worked in childcare for 7 years. Cassandra has worked with all age ranges and was an assistant manager before joining Asquith Peckham Rye Day Nursery in April 2014 as an Assistant Manager, working her way to Nursery Manager at Peckham Rye.

Anthony Bart-Appiah, Assistant Manager

Paulette Barrett, Assistant Manager

Sheraine Betty Crabbe, Third in Charge
is qualified to Level 3 in Childcare & Education and has worked for Asquith for 3 years and has worked her way up to be our 3rd in charge.

Anthony Scott, Cook who has a passion for providing wonderful healthy meals for the children and has the wonderful ability to get the children involved with the preparation of food. 

We also have an additional 25 additional staff who look after the children on a daily basis. 

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Testimonials about Peckham Rye Day Nursery

I just want to praise your staff in the toddler room. They are all lovely, friendly and caring
Donatella Delmonaco, Parent, November 2015

Conor is very happy at Asquith and we have always been happy with the care he has received, from his early days in the baby room where Sabrina was incredible to more recently under Ann Marie's guidance, who is equally brilliant
Jacqui Pennington, Parent, October 2015

The nursery has looked after all my children with so much care and love for the last 7 years and we will all miss you very much
Katherine Dunn, Parent, October 2015

Nasir Campbell has been at Asquith Peckham Rye Day Nursery since 11th April 2012 he attends 3 full days. He has loved every moment of his time here. You have a great team at the nursery who are friendly,hard working, polite and always act in a professional manner.
Nadine Broderick, Parent, August 2015

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