Food and nutrition

Offering a varied diet encourages children to experience and enjoy new flavours and textures, giving them the confidence they need to try new things. A big part of teaching children about the world around them involves planting and harvesting fruits, vegetables and herbs and letting children see the lifecycle in action.

We support this learning by including seasonal produce in our menus, which often means that children can eat the food they have grown and harvested themselves; this also provides them with a healthy, nutritional and varied balance to the food they eat.

We continue to change our menus to make sure we are offering food that children enjoy. Our nursery menus are developed by a group of our ‘champion cooks’- a select team of Asquith cooks – and trialled in some of the nurseries. These menus are then sent to an external dietician to make sure we are offering the best nutritional menu that we can, whilst harnessing the goodness of seasonal produce.

We have a commercial production kitchen at our support site in Horton.  It is fully equipped to produce and deliver meals to four of our nurseries that are situated on school sites who don’t have onsite cooking facilities.

"I have 2 girls at the nursery who both enjoy their food. They both enjoy the whole mealtime experience of self serving their own food and sitting with their friends. The nursery offers a wide variety of food for my children" Marie